About Us

Hey there!
thanks so much for jumping onboard with us.

We can’t tell you how much it means to us – and the difference you are making – by being here 4 Planet Earth!  

See below for a little bit about us and then we’d LOVE it if you would join us on our Facebook page, introduce yourself and tell us what you most love about this beautiful planet of ours!

About Us

We’re a married couple, living on the beautiful East coast of Australia in a place very aptly named The Sunshine State. Yep…Golden sands on pristine beaches. How lucky are we!

The Past

Prior to arriving in this golden paradise, we had lived in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa for over half our lives.

Family holidays typically saw us venture into the African wilderness of wild open spaces – enjoying hikes, boating and wildlife safari’s across Southern Africa.

Living and raising our family in Africa afforded us some incredible privileges, and we never took them for granted..

The Present

Fast forward 30 years – and now living in Australia – we could not ignore several obvious signs that our life-sustaining connection to a wild and natural world was under real threat. 

Raging fires, coral bleaching, imminent species extinction and subsiding beaches were some of the most concerning signs. 

It was hard to know what to do.

At first, we found ourselves feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of it all or worse still, frustrated by continuing to simply talk about it!

Finally we realized that no amount of complaining or finger pointing at our Governments and the Major Corporates was going to change anything fast enough.

And so step-by-slow-step we began our journey to learn what WE could do that would REALLY make a difference. And…we were stunned – in a good way!- by how many wonderful initiatives were already well underway.

It was totally inspiring to see the array of brilliant projects being implemented and seeing the promise of positive changes already taking effect!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed as before by the enormity of the problem, we came to realise instead that we could actually HELP support these positive environmental initiatives by making them more visible in the world!

...And so here we are... with you alongside 4planetearth

The Future

It is our most ardent hope that you will JOIN US in pledging to lighten the load on our beautiful planet. 

We will be sharing ideas and initiatives with you so that ALL OF US who care about the health and the future of our beautiful PLANET EARTH are inspired to make the difference that needs to be made.

THANK YOU so much for being here!

And remember..

Please feel free to jump onto our Facebook page, introduce yourself and share with us what you most LOVE about our amazing Planet!?