Buying new items – am I being sustainable?

Buying new items – am I being sustainable?

As we needed to upgrade some of our technology, we found ourselves with the dilemma of considering needs versus wants. Once establishing it was meeting both criteria, we then wanted to feel confident that we were investing in a product which was being produced sustainably and by a company with good stewardship towards our environment.

As the products we were about to purchase were manufactured by Apple, we decided to share a little of what we found about Apple as a company, and the fact that they have been consistently taking steps to ensure that their products meet environmental sustainability standards and as a company with such an large impact on customer purchases, they do take their responsibilities seriously.

Here are some of the ways we found that Apply and Apple products meet environmental sustainability. You can read more at :

Use of renewable energy: Apple has committed to using 100% renewable energy for its operations, including its manufacturing facilities and data centres. As stated on their website, ‘we’re already carbon-neutral across our corporate operations and are on the way to making carbon-neutral products by 2030’.
Recycling: Apple has a robust recycling program in place, which allows customers to recycle their old Apple devices for free. The company also uses recycled materials in its products, including aluminium, glass, and plastics. Antenna lines are made from upcycled water bottles and Daisy the robot disassembles iPhone into recyclable parts. Apple has recently announced that they will use 100 per cent recycled cobalt in batteries by 2025.
Reduced packaging: Apple has taken steps to reduce the amount of packaging used for its products, which helps reduce waste and lower the company’s carbon footprint. They have reported that, since 2015, their single use plastic used in packaging has been reduced by 75%.
Design for durability: Apple products are designed to be durable and long-lasting, which reduces the need for frequent upgrades and replacements. This helps reduce waste and conserve resources. Personally, I have found Apple products to withstand great usage and considering the technology inside, they are very robust. I am yet to have a problem with my Apple products.
Reduced use of harmful materials: Apple has eliminated or reduced the use of harmful materials in its products, including mercury, lead, and arsenic. The company has also eliminated the use of PVC and brominated flame retardants in its products.
Energy efficiency: Apple products are designed to be highly energy-efficient, which means they use less power and generate less heat. This not only reduces their environmental impact but also helps users save money on their energy bills.

Overall, Apple has made a significant commitment to environmental sustainability and has taken many steps to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

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